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Shrine The Holy Spirit Chapel 聖神修院小堂

Diocese of Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR  +85225526230 

The Holy Spirit Chapel is located inside the Holy Spirit Seminary at Wong Chuk Hang. The Holy Spirit Seminary descends from the "Regional Seminary for South China", which was transferred to Hong Kong in 1964 as China no longer sent seminarians at that point. The Holy Spirit Seminary nurtures seminarians for the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese.
The Holy Spirit Chapel was built in 1956. Its design is a combination of East and West: the integration of Christian faith into Eastern art work. The windows are glazed in simple geometric patterns of yellow and green, imbuing a humble purity. When the sun rays shine upon the Eucharist tabernacle, they transmit a strong sense of solemnity and harmony, revealing the jubilant presence of Christ the King.

Hong Kong SAR

6 Welfare Road, Wong Chuk Hang, H.K., Hong Kong SAR, Cina