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Shrine St. Joseph's Chapel, Yim Tin Tsai 鹽田梓聖若瑟小堂

Diocese of Hong Kong

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Being a small island of less than 1 km square and located 3 km away from Sai Kung, Yim Tin Tsai (YTT) was home of the Chan family of Hakka origin. In the early days, residents were mostly engaged in salt drying and farming.
The history of St Joseph’s Chapel is closely related to the development of YTT and the Chan’s Village. Italian missionaries came around 1860 to preach Christianity.
Local Catholics donated a vacant site for construction of a chapel and school, dedicated to St. Joseph as their patron. In 1875, the villagers on the entire island were baptized. St. Joseph’s Chapel at YTT was inaugurated and blessed in 1890.
A number of notable clergies being nurtured in this village throughout the years, notably Rev. Joachim Chan (1890-1975) ordained in 1917, VG Dominic Chan ordained in 1979, and five other sisters of Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres and Sisters of the Previous Blood. The church, village and relics of salt pans together still remain to be the main cultural heritage of the island.
St Joseph’s Chapel is a living example of a religious centre and a local landmark. It also symbolizes the effort and dedication of early day missionaries.

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