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Holy Cross Cathedral

Archdiocese of Benin City

Benin City  +2347030222627 

Holy Cross Cathedral is located at mission road, Benin City, about 2 kilometers from the city center (Ring Road) it is the seat of the archbishop of Benin City. The administration of the cathedral is currently headed by Very Rev. Fr. Festus Omede called the Cathedral Administrator, there are several priest and rev. sisters also working in the cathedral.
Four Masses are conducted every Sunday and three masses on weekdays i.e. at 6:30am, 12noon and 6pm, confession holds officially twice weekly, at Thursdays and Fridays since the year of jubilee celebration, confession now holds daily, after the daily masses.
Marriages and other ceremonies are conducted intermediately as they arise.
Holy Cross Cathedral housed the Jubilee Door in the archdiocese of Benin City.

Benin City

Holy Cross Cathedral, Mission Road, Beniny Cit, Benin City, Nigeria