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Cathedral St Patrick

Archdiocese of Armagh

Armagh  +442837522045 

St Patrick founded his first stone Church in Ireland on the site now occupied by St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral, known as Sally Hill, in the year 445. The hill where the twin-spired Catholic Cathedral now stands is not without Patrician associations. The Book of Armagh, relates a beautiful tradition which is also depicted in the lower portion of the Cathedral’s great east window. When St Patrick took possession of Sally Hill a deer with her fawn allegedly leaped from the bushes. His companions wanted to catch and kill the fawn but the Saint would not allow them. He himself took the animal on his shoulders and carried it, followed by its mother, to Tealach na Licci (Sandy Hill), the site of the present Catholic Cathedral.
Archbishop Crolly laid the foundation stone on 17 March 1840.
It was the achievement of Cardinal Logue to have decorated with mosaic the entire walls from the floor to the groining. It was with fitting pride, with his work of decoration complete, that Cardinal Logue announced 24 July 1904 as the solemn day of consecration. Pope Pius X deputed Cardinal Vincent Vannutelli, a distinguished member of the Roman Curia, to represent him at the ceremony in Armagh. Ireland felt herself signally honoured in her ecclesiastical capital.
The Cathedral was renovated in 2003 under the direction of Cardinal Brady. The Cathedral has the Cathedra for the current Archbishop of Armagh, Archbishop Eamon Martin


Cathedral Rd, Armagh, Armagh , Repubblica d'Irlanda