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Cathedral of St. Mary

Diocese of Saint Cloud

St. Cloud  +13202511840 

The parish was founded in 1855. In 1856, a priest from Saint John's Abbey became the first pastor. In 1864 a new gothic-style church was built. In the summer of 1920, the gothic-style church burned to the ground in a fire so hot the tower bells melted. In 1922 Fr. Luke Fink, OSB presented plans to model the church after a 5th cent. basilica in Ravenna. Construction of the new church began in 1922.

St. Mary’s became the new cathedral in 1933 after Holy Angels Cathedral burned.
The cathedral was renovated in 1980 under the direction of Frank Kacmarcik. In 1984 the pipe organ was installed and dedicated. All the bishops of the United States were present for this event.

In 2006, five 'swastika' symbols were removed from the sides of the Cathedral church, originally inserted as decorative crosses before the Nazi's came to power. The disks were replaced by five new disks depicting the "Mysteries of Light.” In 2013, the upper church was refurbished.

The cathedral is home to the Shrine to St. Cloud. The statue is a replica of the oldest known statue of St. Cloud. It was given to Bishop Busch in 1922 when he attended the fourteenth centenary celebration of the birth of St. Cloud in St. Cloud, France. The hand holding the chalice and the chalice itself are from the original 8th century statue. Encased in the central niche of the shrine is a major relic of St. Cloud. To the left is a piece of St. Cloud’s clothing. To the right is a relic of the venerated Cross of Christ.

St. Cloud

25 Eighth Ave. South, St. Cloud, Stati Uniti d'America