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Cathedral of Christ the King, Mullingar

Dicoese of Meath

Mullingar  +353449348338 

The Cathedral was designed to be basillican in form and renaissance in style. Its distinctive twin towers, surmounted by bronze crosses, rise to a height of about 55 metres. It was built with a seating capacity of 1,800.

Building began in March 1933 and the foundation stone was laid on 6 August of that year by Bishop Thomas Mulvany. The formal opening and dedication of the Cathedral took place on 6 September 1936. At the request of Pope Pius XI, it became the first cathedral in the world to be dedicated to Christ the King. It was solemnly consecrated on 6 August 1939.

The works of art for which the Cathedral is most noted are the mosaics in the chapels of Saint Anne and Saint Patrick. These are the work of the Russian born mosaic artist Boris Anrep, whose work may also be found in Westminster Cathedral.

The Saint Patrick mosaic represents the saint lighting the Paschal fire on the mount of Slane. The principal figure is that of the saint in his apostolic mission, lifting the cross in a vigorous movement, in his other hand holding a torch. The firewood is arranged in a Christogram, signifying the symbolic importance of the fire.

In the Saint Anne mosaic, the name is spelled "Anna". The saint's image is also said to resemble the poet Anna Akhmatova.


Cathedral House, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Mullingar, Repubblica d'Irlanda