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Cathedral of Christ the King Nakuru

Catholic Diocese of Nakuru

Nakuru  +2540721492544 

The Cathedral was built in 1928 known then as the Holy Rosary Church. The first baptism was done by Rev. Fr. Thomas Turnbull on 9th January. It was refurbished and relocated to a new site by then the Bishop of Nakuru Rt. Rev. Bishop Ndingi under the assistance of Mr. Brenda Ellis.
An oval shaped rugby ball design of the new Church was designed and work began in January 1975.
The Catholic Diocese of Nakuru (CDN) was once part of the ecclesiastical territory of the Vicariate of the Upper Nile. The Mill Hill Missionaries arrived in Western Kenya in 1904, where the church grew rapidly among the Luo, Luhya and Kisii people. At the time, the area now covered by the Diocese was occupied by white settlers, migrant labourers and Kalenjin people in the Kipsigis and Tugen reserves.
In 1905, the first mission was opened at Naivasha: under the pastoral guidance of the Mill Hill Missionaries. In 1914, the Mill Hill Missionaries opened the first chapel in Nakuru; adjoining the Present Show Ground. In 1927, a new plot (along Lake Road, now Moi Road) was given to the Missionaries in exchange for the earlier plot on which the Chapel was built. In December 1928, the first resident Priest (Mill Hill Missionary) came to live in Nakuru. During the initial stages the missions in Naivasha and Nakuru, catered primarily for European and Goan Catholics working for the colonial government; and their migrant African employees.

Open Hours
Weekdays: 6.30am-7.00pm
Weekends: 6.30am-7.00pm

Times of Liturgical Celebrations
Weekday Holy Mass at 6.45am 1.00pm 5.30pm
Sundays: 7.00am 8.15am, 9.30am (adults), 9.30am (children), 11.00 am, 5.30p.m.

Adoration: perpetual adoration
Eucharistic adoration on Thursdays: 7.30am-1pm
2nd Sunday of the month: 3pm-4pm

Hours for Confession
Saturday: 4.30 – 7.00p.m
Any other time on request

Other Information
The Church has an adoration chapel which is open 24 hours seven days a week. All Christians are welcomed.
We also have vigil every first Friday of the month.
There are other various activities by church groups such as; Catholic Women Association, Catholic Men, Association, PMC, solidarity, church choirs and the youth.


Cathedral of Christ the King, Ronald Ngala st. off Moi Road, Nakuru, Kenia