Mercy Fridays with Pope Francis

15-01-2016 PCPNE

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Mercy Fridays with Pope Francis

15th January 2016


After opening  the Holy Door at the Hostel Don Luigi Di Liegro at Termini, Pope Francis continues to bear witness with concrete signs of Mercy.

Today, at 4:00p.m., he passed through the door of the retirement home Bruno Buozzi in the popular district of Torrespaccata to meet about 30 seniors hosted in the house.

This unexpected visit surprised everyone and proved how important Pope Francis’s words against the “culture of the rejection” are, and the big value that elderly people and grandparents have in the Church and in the society.

The Pope continued his visit to Casa Iride, the only non-hospital Center in Europe that hosts 7 people in a vegetative state, along withtheir relatives taking care of them.

This so deeply human symbol carried out by Pope Francis is another demonstration of the great value of human life and of the dignity with which it must be respected.