Information regarding the pilgrimage to the Holy Door of the Saint Peter's Basilica

20-8-2015 Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelizationti

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With respect to recent press releases, the Organizing Secretariat for the Jubilee of Mercy issues the following clarifications:

1. To permit pilgrims to carry out a brief pilgrimage to the Holy Door of the Saint Peter's Basilica, there will be a walking path reserved for them.  It will begin at Castel Sant'Angelo and finish at the Holy Door, passing through Via Della Conciliazione, Piazza Pio XII and Saint Peter's Square.  Since a large number of pilgrims is anticipated, it is strongly recommended that pilgrims register their arrival in Rome and the possible times at which they wish to make their pilgrimage.  

2. The passage through the Holy Door can accommodate a limited number of pilgrims.  To avoid unnecessary delays and to ensure that the pilgrimage remains prayerful, it is important, especially for organized groups, to contact the Organizational Secretariat in advance.  This can be done through the official Jubilee web site (, on the page "Registration for Pilgrims," which will be activated in October.  

3. Once pilgrims are registered on the web site, in addition to being able to sign up for the major events, they will be able to choose the date and approximate time of their pilgrimage to the Holy Door of Saint Peter's.  

4. The Organizational Secretariat will confirm the request for the pilgrimage and indicate the best time to arrive at the beginning of the protected pathway.  This system will reduce delays to the minimum, and help to guarantee an atmosphere of prayer and welcome during the pilgrimage on foot to the Holy Door.

5. Groups or single pilgrims may register for the pilgrimage.  It is recommended that even small informal groups or families complete a single registration, in order to be certain that they can make the pilgrimage together at the same time. 

6. For additional information, or for pilgrims who may not have registered ahead of time on the web site, we invite you to visit the Welcome Center for Pilgrims at Via Della Conciliazione, 7, which will be open as soon as possible. Volunteers there will help you to arrange your pilgrimage at the best possible time.  

7. The pilgrimage to the Holy Doors at the other Papal Basilicas of Rome (Saint John Lateran, Saint Mary Major, and Saint Paul Outside the Walls) will not be subject to registration.  

Pilgrims with disabilities and other particular medical needs

All four of the Papal Basilicas, in addition to being equipped with a First Aid station, will be staffed by volunteers at the service of pilgrims.  Some of these volunteers will be appointed to help disabled persons.

To assist the Italian health authorities, it is useful to indicate particular medical needs (dialysis, oxygen, etc.) when you register.