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Cathedral St. Dunstan's

Diocese of Charlottetown

Charlottetown  +19028943486 

In 1812 bishop Plessis from Quebec ordered to build a church in Charlottetown to be dedicated to St. Dunstan of Canterbury. It was erected in 1816 and twice enlarged before 1829 when the church became the Cathedral for the first Bishop of Charlottetown, Most Rev. Angus MacEachern. Bishop MacEachern was an extraordinary missionary who pastorally served the Catholics of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Magdalene Islands.
In 1843 the old church was replaced by a wooden structure. And this one was replaced in 1986 by a large imposing cathedral in stone. However in the winter of 1913 all was lost when fire reduced it to ashes.
The present beautiful structure was built in 1919 and ten years later was raised to the dignity of a basilica.


45 Great George Street, Charlottetown, Canada