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Lift Up Your Hearts - Lent 2016

14 Februar 2016 00:00 - 26 März 2016 23:00 (Termin in Kalender eintragen)

Westminster and Motherwell dioceses

Lift Up Your Hearts is the Lent 2016 diocesan faith-sharing resource in the Dioceses of Westminster (England) and Motherwell (Scotland). Small faith-sharing communities in these dioceses, and others in parishes across the country, are using the six group sessions as an integral part of their plan for the formation of missionary disciples in this year of Mercy.

Inspired by Pope Francis’ efforts to build up the concept of mercy in modern-day culture, the Lent 2016 resource explores its roots in the love of the Father, Christ’s crucifixion and the work of the Holy Spirit within each one of us. Reflecting on the parables devoted to mercy as well as the Gospel accounts of personal encounters with Jesus, who embodied Divine Mercy, Lift Up Your Hearts explores how Jesus Christ modelled mercy and invites us to turn to him and to imitate him in the course of our daily lives.

Suitable for small group reflection or personal meditation, Lift up your Hearts is comprised of six sessions. Each session includes artwork, prayers, a passage of Holy Scripture, a reflection and questions for discussion. Children’s pages are included to simplify the theme for children and/or grandchildren. The booklet also features daily prayer drawn from the Divine Office. Owing to the booklet's thematic structure it is no confined to Lent and can be used by groups and individuals at any time.

Westminster and Motherwell dioceses

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