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Pilgrimage to Mansa Cathedral Door of Mercy

07 Mai 2016 05:00 - 07 Mai 2016 17:00 (Termin in Kalender eintragen)

Mansa Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

On Saturdy 7 May, 2016, Michael the Archangel Parish was full of ecclesial activities when hundreds of parishioners gathered for a pilgrimage walk to the the Holy Door of Mercy of Mansa Cathedral, in Mansa Town. The 'road to mercy' began at 05:00hrs from Tutu outstation, about 17km from the Cathedral. After passing through the Holy Door, Adoration and exposition of the Blessed Sarament were made available for the faithful. Visiting priests were also available for the Sacrament of confession. Prayers on the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Charplet were conducted as well. The event culminated with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 17:00hrs

Mansa Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

plot 225, Cathedral Road, Mansa Town, Mansa, Mansa Town, Sambia